About Us

Hi, and welcome to Snap Images. This is our blog, where we write about photography, events and aesthetically pleasing subject matter such as cars, shopping and beauty. If you like beautiful things and have an eye for detail, then our site is for you. You’ll be able to find inspiration for your photography, as well as plenty of practical advice for newbies and professionals alike.

Photography can be an extremely rewarding hobby to take up – if you’re dedicated and have a natural talent, then it could even make a bit of money for you. Taking beautiful photographs is an excellent way to bring in some income and it doesn’t have to be something which you do in place of your current job. In fact, it doesn’t have to be time consuming at all. You can dip in and out of it as and when you please, and just take on the paid work which really appeals to you and which won’t interfere with your free time when you’re busy.

If you do choose to earn some money from your hobby, a great place to start is working at events. This will give you plenty of practice, and there is lots of subject matter to choose from. You’ll be doing something very rewarding as well, by allowing someone to have photographic memories of their event. There may well be other perks involved such as free food, drinks, travel and accommodation. You can capture as much on camera as you want, including people, scenery, buildings, rooms and smaller, focussed-in subjects like party favours or decorations. Once you’ve worked a few events, you’ll be able to put together a portfolio to showcase you work, which will encourage more people to book your photography services in future.

We hope you’ll enjoy looking around – we love photography as much as you do, so there’ll be something for everyone regardless of tastes.