Putting Together a Plan for an Event

Events large and small require a good plan, with a carefully crafted itinerary and a schedule that tells everyone where they need to be, and when. There are several important ingredients that will go into a plan, ensuring that an event can run to schedule. These are some of the most important ones:

  • Plans for external resources and contractors. This will usually include photographers primarily; their services make events successful and ensure there are memories to look back on. If the event is a business event, they can also provide marketing imagery to promote the event and other services for the business in question.
  • Venue hire. This is one of the factors that will need to be secured well ahead of time. Venues are in demand and good ones get booked up quickly.
  • Travel and transport. Arrangements will need to be made for people travelling to the venue. It is also important to communicate transport options to people, such as car parks and public transport.

Can Photography be a Full Time Career?

For some lucky, talented, committed photographers, photography can become a full time career. It can bring in enough income to sustain someone, and allow them to live a happy, comfortable lifestyle. However, this isn’t without its problems, and photography is often not a sustainable career path for someone as a full time job. Many people dip in and out of it as a lifestyle choice, and will take on the work they choose around other commitments and employment.

If photography is going to be a viable career option, you will need to have some kind of qualification and be very talented and skilled. However you also need the right attitude and to be dedicated enough to photography to take any work that comes your way, rather than being picky. As you build up a portfolio, reputation and client base, you may be able to become more picky, but when you’re starting out, paid photography work should be embraced.

Photography to Fit your Lifestyle

Photography can be a hobby or a business – whatever works for you. It’s a flexible activity that can make a good business option on the side, to make you some extra money or to allow you to build up gradually. All in all, there will be options for anybody who loves photography.

People who seriously want to learn more about photography can do so by enrolling on a photography course. It’s also possible to practice a lot in your own time, working on your angles and making sure you can use different types of photography equipment like tripods, filters, and various lenses. This will give you the diversity and flexibility needed to get that perfect shot each and every time. It’s never too late to learn, either. Just get started and throw yourself in. See what you can learn and find out how much you can shape your own development as a photographer.

Photographs of your Holiday

Everyone loves a good holiday photo. Whether it’s a photo of yourself, relaxing in the summer heat, or it is a picture of the general scenery, you will attach many happy memories to these kinds of photos. They will bring back these memories forever, so it’s important you think about the photos you take and what you want to remember.

If you are at all interested in photography and may want to take photos at other times, you might want to consider investing in a good camera for trips away. This will help you to take better holiday photography and will allow you to explore other photography options at other times, too. Have a think about the kinds of photos you want to take and this will dictate the kind of camera you choose and the lenses that you use with it. You will be able to create some of the very best memories this way.

Taking Photos of Animals

There is a reason why some photographers make animal photography the main focus of their careers – it is really, really hard to take good photographs of animals! They are especially unpredictable subjects, moving when you don’t expect them to and not looking in the direction of the camera. With some practise though, you can get better at capturing animal images.

When you are photographing a moving animal, have your camera on some kind of motion mode. This will ensure the photo you take isn’t blurry, and will show the animal in its full beauty. If you are trying to photograph an animal sitting still, it may take a little more patience, but you could try using a portrait mode to blur out the background and make the animal the real focus.

It’s important to remember that patience is the key here. If you are patient, you will eventually capture an image you are happy with.

Choosing the Right Frame for your Photo

Photographs deserve to be beautifully framed, so they can be displayed in an attractive way. A photograph is more than just an image: it is the memory of a moment, and it captures something that is important to you, be it the people in the photo, the scene or the location.

Choosing the right frame will help to finish the photograph off to perfection. Make sure you choose the perfect frame for the composition of your photo and select the right colours to go with your room as well.

When you are choosing a frame, make sure it is the right finish for you. It doesn’t just need to go with the photo – it must go with the room as well. Find a look and colour that works with your home and that makes your photo stand out, so it all pulls together and creates the right kind of look for you.

Photography on a Cruise Ship

Photographers have lots of opportunities to travel and take some amazing photographs. Working on a cruise ship is one of the best ways to travel, as it gives a photographer a good income, as well as them having the chance to explore and see the world. There are lots of opportunities for good photographers to earn a living in this way.

If you would like to get into this industry, make sure you have a good portfolio. Ensure that many of the images are based around travel – if you haven’t done any professional travel photography work, try just taking your camera on holiday to get some portfolio shots. It is also helpful to make sure you have lots of examples of portraits and people photography, as much of the job will involve photographing the cruise guests.

Be prepared for some hard work – cruise ship photography is going to mean long and unsociable hours, and a lot of time spent at sea. However, you are probably already used to working long hours as a photographer!

Taking Photo at the Christmas Party

Christmas is a dream come true for photographers. If you are a professional photographer, you will probably already be booked up with Christmas shoots, giving you plenty of scope for finding work. If not, it is a great opportunity to gain experience and find new ways of working with your camera and with your subjects.

If you are attending any parties, such as the office Christmas party, ask if you can be an unofficial photographer. Take your camera along and see what you are able to capture. Even if you haven’t agreed to any terms and conditions, you will be able to practise and show people what you are capable of doing. This is the perfect way to build up your portfolio and also to work on honing some of your skills with your camera. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make sure you look out for some good subject matter. The story is as important as the photo.

Photographing Landscapes – What to Remember

Landscape photography is incredibly popular, allowing you to capture the expansive beauty of a landscape or scene. If you want to do it properly and make sure you really do have everything you want within your image, there are some points you need to remember. Here are some tips:

  • It’s all in the composition. You should make sure the horizon is around a third of the way up the photography so you can include more of the important parts. Make sure the image incorporates everything you want it to.
  • Use a landscape setting on your camera, if you have one. If not, use something that will give you a very wide angled image, so that everything is in focus.
  • Practice. Only practice will make perfect when it comes to photography. Take more images to hone your skills.
  • Choose the right weather. Go for dusk if you want atmospheric, or morning for sunny and bright.