Events Photography Ideas

There are numerous opportunities for you to make yourself known as an events photographer. This kind of work can earn you some extra money, add to your portfolio, and it’s an ideal way to develop your general photography. You could start out by taking some photos at friends’ parties and get-togethers in order to hone your skills then move on to paid work once you feel confident. Here are some ideas of events which you can shoot:


Everyone needs a good photographer to capture images of their big day. If you’re good at wedding photography, you can find your skills much in demand. Start out by taking some unpaid photographs at friends’ weddings – people will always appreciate having some extra images on top of the official ones, and it’s a lovely reminder of the day as well as an opportunity to learn. Once you’ve built up a collection of snaps you can put together a wedding portfolio and begin to look for paid work.


Working as a photographer for a christening can be an excellent way to make yourself some extra money, and it’s a good learning curve for your photography skills too. Babies are difficult subjects to photograph at the best of times – they’re unpredictable, restless and easily distracted! It’s likely to be even more difficult in a busy christening environment. Once you’ve managed to take some lovely family photographs though, it’s very rewarding work.

Parties, Dinners and Galas

Many prestigious parties and events will require photography. This is especially true if it is a charity event which is going to be seeking lots of publicity – it may even need some images beforehand to promote the event. Approach charities, companies and individuals who may require your services and you could secure yourself some worthwhile jobs.

Gigs and Concerts

If you’re able to take some high-quality photographs at live music events, you’ll be able to make yourself some real money. Artists will often want photos of themselves during performance, but they may also want publicity shots taking beforehand. This is true of popular music artists as well as classical; orchestras especially will often require the services of a professional photographer, as taking a good photograph of a 90-strong ensemble is no mean feat.

School Proms

The idea of a school prom is growing in popularity all the time and many schools are now choosing to hold one on an annual basis. Pupils and their parents are going to want photographs as memories of the event, and with a large number of people in attendance this can be lucrative business. The school may also want shots to keep so there’s going to be plenty of demand.

Sporting Events

It can be incredibly difficult to produce excellent images of sporting events – moving images and cameras tend not to mix particularly well. If you’re a capable photographer who is able to do this, make the most of it and exploit your skills in this field. Local sports teams and youth teams often require shots for their marketing and publicity.