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Wedding Photojournalism

Many people think that wedding photojournalism is just another trend in fashion, and like most trends that fade away, individuals will get over the trend as well. But, there are many other aspects to wedding photojournalism that individuals don’t know much about; and maybe these are the very aspects which have not allowed the wedding photojournalism to die.
Wedding photography is not just about taking pictures of great weddings and having the pictures published on the celebrity gossip sections in newspapers or magazines. It is much more!
When a person Looks at the career of a wedding photojournalists through the materialistically point of view, it is only then he or she will understand the type of money which is involved in wedding photojournalism.
Wedding photojournalism can be very helpful to fashion designers as well. Making a beautiful dress to look like a stunning piece of art on astylish model is only achievable if you have the sensitivity for such a task.

Importance of a photographer’s equipment

Many will argue that it’s not the camera that takes a cracking photograph it’s the photographer, and a ‘good photographer can take good photographs with any camera’. That may be true, some of the time, but good equipment is fundamental if you want a portfolio of professional photographs, so if you’re looking for a photographer, take an interest in their equipment.

They should possess an SLR camera, and even by looking at a camera you can tell if it is an SLR. The lenses are removable and it will be a lot more bulky than a compact camera. If you require set up shots with professional backgrounds, they should be able to provide everything needed. This will include photography lights, umbrellas, the backdrop itself, and a tripod.

It’s also good to have an understanding on the editing software they use. Photoshop leads the way, and it’s good to know they are using high quality software, plus it will show in their images.

As mentioned a camera with exchangeable lenses are vital, especially if you want a variety of photographs shot with a range of different techniques. So make sure they aren’t coming along with one bog standard lens. And one final tip for those looking for those looking for a wedding photographer, make sure they dress smart for the occasion, and most true professionals do.