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Events Photography – Avoiding Amateur Mishaps

There are certain mishaps that can occur when you’re starting out as an events photographer but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared, so you can handle any disasters that may occur. Making sure you have the right equipment can mean you don’t run into any issues and below are four important pieces of gear you should always have as an events photographer.

A spare battery or two

You never know when you’re battery is going to go, and you may find that it’s draining relatively quickly. If this happened you’ll have another, and it won’t be an issue but just make sure they’re fully charged.

A backup camera

That’s right, cameras can break at any time, and they’re more likely to break when you’re using it, so a backup camera can ensure you still manage to get a good number of photos.

A flash gun

The camera flash is not built for really dark situations and in the evening when darkness can become an issue it’s important to make sure you have a flashgun that can bring a burst of brightness.

Extra memory cards

Depending on the image settings you may find that your memory card has suddenly ran out of space. That’s no excuse and you should always make sure you have plenty of memory cards for 1000’s of images. You can buy 1 terabyte memory cards these days and the more high capacity cards you have the better.