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Wedding Exhibitions – Make your photography stand a success

As soon as a couple have announced the date of their wedding, panic sets in. One place an engaged couples are bound to visit is a wedding exhibition. Here, they can find all the details they need for cake makers, flower makers, photographers, videographers, wedding DJs and many other companies.

Photography stands tend to grab attention and here are some tips to ensure your day is successful.

  • Smile – This is important and you want to draw people to your stand and that all begins with eye contact and a welcoming smile. You can then a conversation rolling and possibly obtain their contact details.
  • Go Big – You’ll only be given a certain amount of space for your stands but go big with the photographs. Make sure you display only the best photos and make sure the prints are big, that way you’ll demand attention.
  • Handouts – These are important and there will be so many different businesses cards and leaflets in a prospective customer’s bag when they arrive home. Make sure yours is one of them and make sure every single leaflet is handed out.