Monthly Archives: February 2015

Investing in Quality Lenses

Sometimes lenses can be more expensive than the DSLR camera itself, and most professional photographers invest heavily in quality lenses. A lens is more than just a camera accessory; it’s a long-term investment and many photographers hold on to lenses for years to come.

This is also the main reason why photographers stay loyal to a particular manufacturer, and if you have a huge collection of Nikon lenses, it doesn’t make much sense to switch to a Canon or a Pentax camera – as you’re going to have to fork out on a wide range of lenses again. Many photographers will agree that cameras come and go, but lenses can be used for decades – if they’re looked after properly.

If you’re keen to make sure you have the right equipment for a diverse range of photography jobs, then you should invest in a series of good quality lenses, because there’s no denying their importance.

Batch Processing vs. Individual

Many photographers batch process their images to save time, and this is one of the big advantages. Once you’ve photographed a wedding, you’re likely to have hundreds of images to edit, and batch processing groups of images can prevent you from wasting needless hours on individual tweaks.

Some photographers also like to have one style for a series of images, and this is much easier to do if you’re batch processing, as you can apply the same adjustment to large number of images. Individual editing obviously takes more time, but there’s more attention to detail with this approach.

Some photographers are happy to spend more time editing, making tweaks to individual images, and it does all come down to preference. Too many photos in the same tones or colours can get a little bit boring and predictable, so whatever you do, make sure you are mixing it up from time to time.