Monthly Archives: October 2015

Is it harder to prove yourself?

Today everybody is a photographer. We all have smartphones with cameras and publishing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr—well most of us anyways. So if you want to be a professional photographer, this is good news right, because you already have photography experience even if you don’t know it yet?

Well, yes but no. You’re in the same boat as millions of people, and more photographers today now have to justify their services. Some people feel they can take a good picture, and many companies create their photos in-house, becoming photographers in their own right. So what does that mean for new photographers trying to make a living? Well, frankly any average Joe can take one spectacular photo in their lifetime, but without high-end equipment and experience, they can’t take hundreds or thousands. That’s why there will always be a real need for professional photographers, so hang in there!