Monthly Archives: February 2016

Wedding Photography

So you’ve decided to take the deep step into setting up your own wedding photography business and you’re hoping to be sitting on that beach in Dubai soon enough, enjoying the lavish life right?

Well it is no where near as easy as that. The photography industry is completely saturated with competitors, and the wedding photography industry is even worse. Everyone wil; be offering a similar service to your idea / plan already. They’ve also been in the industry longer than you, have the contacts and the position online on Google.

it may all sound like it’s time to pack in the idea and go back to your 9-5pm job. Well, it’s not quite like that as a good, SEO’d website can truly kick start your business straight off the ground with allowing customers to come to you, instead of the otherway round which will take a considerable amount of time and effort out of your day to day running.