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Batch Processing vs. Individual

Many photographers batch process their images to save time, and this is one of the big advantages. Once you’ve photographed a wedding, you’re likely to have hundreds of images to edit, and batch processing groups of images can prevent you from wasting needless hours on individual tweaks.

Some photographers also like to have one style for a series of images, and this is much easier to do if you’re batch processing, as you can apply the same adjustment to large number of images. Individual editing obviously takes more time, but there’s more attention to detail with this approach.

Some photographers are happy to spend more time editing, making tweaks to individual images, and it does all come down to preference. Too many photos in the same tones or colours can get a little bit boring and predictable, so whatever you do, make sure you are mixing it up from time to time.

Christmas Parties in Cambridge – Perfect for Events Photography

Christmas parties are among the most popular parties that anyone can hold throughout the year. These parties will offer some great ways for people to relax and just have a bit of fun, making it a hostpot for photogroahers. Christmas party themes in Cambridge can especially vary thanks to the extensive variety of themes that people can enjoy participating in and you’ll definately want to capture these moments. Here’s just a few of the different types of themes that people shuld consider experincing:

Consider a Baking Party

Baking parties can be rather appealing parties to hold for the season and you may want to hold this kind of party if you love food photogroahy. This is a type of party where people can exchange cookies and other items that they want to make for the holiday. People can share their goodies with each other and even exchange ideas on how to make some of the best foods and other treats for the Christmas season. This should make for a more fun and appealing thing for the season when all the many types of foods for the season are considered. Continue reading

Wedding Exhibitions – Make your photography stand a success

As soon as a couple have announced the date of their wedding, panic sets in. One place an engaged couples are bound to visit is a wedding exhibition. Here, they can find all the details they need for cake makers, flower makers, photographers, videographers, wedding DJs and many other companies.

Photography stands tend to grab attention and here are some tips to ensure your day is successful.

  • Smile – This is important and you want to draw people to your stand and that all begins with eye contact and a welcoming smile. You can then a conversation rolling and possibly obtain their contact details.
  • Go Big – You’ll only be given a certain amount of space for your stands but go big with the photographs. Make sure you display only the best photos and make sure the prints are big, that way you’ll demand attention.
  • Handouts – These are important and there will be so many different businesses cards and leaflets in a prospective customer’s bag when they arrive home. Make sure yours is one of them and make sure every single leaflet is handed out.

The Photojournalist Approach to Events

Different photographers will have different approaches to projects. Events photography can be as cheesy or natural as the photographer want it to be, and the photojournalist approach is all about reporting on the day’s events.

This means that there are no cheesy photos where the guests are forced into different positions. It’s a kind of ‘fly on the wall ‘approach and it means taking a step back, out of peoples way and photography them as they engage with each other.

If you like a great deal of control over your photos than this probably is not the style for you, and you do have to have strict rules if you really want to take on the photojournalist approach. There will always be natural smiles, natural movements and plenty of opportunities for cracking photos, but you have to be patient with this approach, and it takes time to perfect.

Events Photography – Avoiding Amateur Mishaps

There are certain mishaps that can occur when you’re starting out as an events photographer but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared, so you can handle any disasters that may occur. Making sure you have the right equipment can mean you don’t run into any issues and below are four important pieces of gear you should always have as an events photographer.

A spare battery or two

You never know when you’re battery is going to go, and you may find that it’s draining relatively quickly. If this happened you’ll have another, and it won’t be an issue but just make sure they’re fully charged.

A backup camera

That’s right, cameras can break at any time, and they’re more likely to break when you’re using it, so a backup camera can ensure you still manage to get a good number of photos.

A flash gun

The camera flash is not built for really dark situations and in the evening when darkness can become an issue it’s important to make sure you have a flashgun that can bring a burst of brightness.

Extra memory cards

Depending on the image settings you may find that your memory card has suddenly ran out of space. That’s no excuse and you should always make sure you have plenty of memory cards for 1000’s of images. You can buy 1 terabyte memory cards these days and the more high capacity cards you have the better.

Breaking into Photography

It can be difficult to break into photography and there are limited opportunities out there, but the best way to get noticed is to stay active. Photograph whenever you can and start building a portfolio, and you should also apply for work experience with professional photographers; pleading for them to take you on.

Photography is about building contacts and if you let your local photographer know you’re out there and looking to get you foot in the door and gain some photographic opportunities, then they will come; it just takes time.

Breaking in to photography has never been easy and many people give up and go it alone. The majority of professional photographers are freelance, and there is absolutely nothing stopping a young talented photographer from starting their own business, just make sure you get your portfolio sorted out first.

Have a Photographic Christmas

Photography is about capturing a moment and there’s no better time to get your cameras out then Christmas. Smiles are upon our relative’s faces, the whole family is round, and they are the photos that will be looked at several years down the line.

If you have a child, it’s perhaps more important to take photographs, you can even build up a big collection over time. Christmas photos are fascinating, and it may be one of the only times of year when you see a smile on everybody’s faces.

If there’s ever point during Christmas day when you should bring the camera out, it’s when your family are opening their presents. Make sure you remember to take some snaps this Christmas, you won’t regret it.

Wedding Photojournalism

Many people think that wedding photojournalism is just another trend in fashion, and like most trends that fade away, individuals will get over the trend as well. But, there are many other aspects to wedding photojournalism that individuals don’t know much about; and maybe these are the very aspects which have not allowed the wedding photojournalism to die.
Wedding photography is not just about taking pictures of great weddings and having the pictures published on the celebrity gossip sections in newspapers or magazines. It is much more!
When a person Looks at the career of a wedding photojournalists through the materialistically point of view, it is only then he or she will understand the type of money which is involved in wedding photojournalism.
Wedding photojournalism can be very helpful to fashion designers as well. Making a beautiful dress to look like a stunning piece of art on astylish model is only achievable if you have the sensitivity for such a task.

Importance of a photographer’s equipment

Many will argue that it’s not the camera that takes a cracking photograph it’s the photographer, and a ‘good photographer can take good photographs with any camera’. That may be true, some of the time, but good equipment is fundamental if you want a portfolio of professional photographs, so if you’re looking for a photographer, take an interest in their equipment.

They should possess an SLR camera, and even by looking at a camera you can tell if it is an SLR. The lenses are removable and it will be a lot more bulky than a compact camera. If you require set up shots with professional backgrounds, they should be able to provide everything needed. This will include photography lights, umbrellas, the backdrop itself, and a tripod.

It’s also good to have an understanding on the editing software they use. Photoshop leads the way, and it’s good to know they are using high quality software, plus it will show in their images.

As mentioned a camera with exchangeable lenses are vital, especially if you want a variety of photographs shot with a range of different techniques. So make sure they aren’t coming along with one bog standard lens. And one final tip for those looking for those looking for a wedding photographer, make sure they dress smart for the occasion, and most true professionals do.