Monthly Archives: May 2016

Smartphone Photography

Cameras on our smartphones are more than adequate to take good quality photos, even if the person taking them is ametuer. Though it depends on the phone being used and the megapixels on the camera, as well as the quality of the lens built into the phone; a good MP to go buy is usually 12MP to 16MP for a fairly good quality photo.

Some of the latest superphones have the ability to connect directly to a photo printer for instant printing of photos, though it depends on the software they came with; the basic software might not have much with it, in terms of style and effects. You can always look for a different photo app if the one installed is inadequate, and you can choose between free or paid apps; the free apps usually had an added risk and will often contain spam advertisements that may be annoying, so might be worth paying a small fee for a paid photo studio type app.